December meeting notes

 Seven of us braved the single digit cold temperature and piles of snow to get together for tatting fun! Tatted snowflakes were seen in abundance, but not necessarily white - I guess we Wisconsin folks (and upper Illinois folks) get enough of the white snowflakes outside :) Several of us brought snowflakes or were starting to tat a snowflake pattern, but I think Barbara brought most of them. She added beads to the design of the green snowflakes seen in the top photo, but I don't remember where she said the pattern was found.

The always more than generous Sue Anna brought her hand dyed thread collection, and let everyone choose some as a free gift! Sue Anna and Marilee demonstrated a way to unwind a skein of hand dyed thread. Everyone also got to see and marvel at some of Sue Anna's ever-growing shuttle collection.  Obviously, the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles are some of her favorites.

Projects that were seen in progress or completed included snowflakes, jewelry, bookmarks, and random tatting (aka making it up as we go along).  A lot of the snowflake designs came from the beautiful pattern books written by Jon Yusoff. Some of the items were from patterns by other designers, too. We happened to be in the right place and time to enjoy the singing of a live choir nearby as we tatted and chatted. I should mention that the school age, youngest tatter in our group is doing very nice work - she's a natural!

Weather permitting, we will be having our next meeting on January 13.

Pop-a-bobbin shuttles
Spinning Wheel pattern designed by Mary Konior

Pattern by Jon Yosoff tatted in thread sizes 10, 20, and 30
Patterns from various sources, tatted by Barbara


November meeting notes

 A total of 10 tatting enthusiasts came to this meeting, with some leaving early and others arriving later. A suggestion of name tags for everyone came up and that's a good idea. I'll try and remember to bring them next meeting.

Not only beautiful tatting was seen, but also some bobbin lace in progress, and broomstick lace as well. The broomstick lace project is a sweater design taught as a Craftsy class by Jennifer Hansen.

Sue Anna and her bobbin lace
There was a discussion of the different styles of Celtic tatting: among these are the actual Celtic knots formed of long tatted chains presented in the book "Celtic Tatting Knots and Patterns" by Rozella F. Linden. Another type of Celtic look is achieved by tatting separate motifs, weaving parts of them through each other, then connecting them in place with another row or round of tatting.

 Always something new to learn, and a lot of fun in this group! Next meeting is scheduled for December 9.
Bobbin lace in progress, with bobbins secured for transport

Celtic tatting in progress
Broomstick lace in progress

The center of the "Arches" doily in variegated purple and green


October meeting notes

10 tatters! This was the largest group since the guild began in February. And, some of the "regulars" couldn't make this meeting, so there could have been even more. 

The question came up of, "Where will we meet when we outgrow the Mayfair Mall food court?" Several suggestions were offered, including the Mayfair Mall community room, the New Berlin Public Library, and other options as well. For now, we'll continue to meet the 2nd Monday of the month at the food court, and see how it goes. It's very convenient to have all the food options nearby!

Lots of tatting was in progress at this meeting! No absolute new beginners this time, although some were still busy practicing the double stitch without a project yet in mind. Some were working on bookmarks, some on doilies, and there was tatted jewelry, too. Visiting with old friends, and making new friends, discussing tatting techniques, admiring work in progress (and undoing a few mistakes, too) all made the time just fly by. Looking forward to next month and hope to get some pictures of "show and tell" finished projects at that time.


Informal guild meetings of people who like tatting lace

Tatting, also known as frivolit√©, is a knotted form of handmade lace, perfect to embellish projects from cards to quilts. When combined with beads, tatting produces fabulous lace jewelry - from classic to steampunk. 

Meeting Schedule:  Usually the 2nd Monday of the month
Location:  Mayfair Mall Food Court, 2500 N Mayfair Rd, Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A.
Time: From 3pm to about 7pm, with members arriving whenever they can within that time frame.

The meetings are informal and friendly, and beginners are welcome. It’s an excellent environment in which to acquire new tatting skills, as well as to work on your latest tatting project and share your enthusiasm with friends. Guild leader is Marilee Rockley, the Shuttle Tatting instructor at http://www.craftsy.com/shuttletatting