February Tatting and Macaroons

 A colorful, yummy treat of macaroons was enjoyed alongside our tatting at this meeting, held at Brookfield Square shopping mall food court, 95 N Moorland Rd, Brookfield, WI.
 I brought some Japanese tatting books to show, recently acquired from the estate of Barbara Gordon who passed away on January 16. 
This photo of Barbara Gordon was taken on June 12, 2017

Snow scene at Greenfield Park in Milwaukee county


A Better Place

 New year, new meeting location! 
Brookfield Square shopping mall, 95 N Moorland Rd, Brookfield, WI 53005 in the food court.

Plenty of room with good lighting, and the fireplace adds a cozy atmosphere! 

 We enjoyed our tatting projects and looking at the pictures in this Russian tatting book, Frivolite by Nata Abrosimova. No need to know the language, as the pictures and diagrams in the book are very clear. More information about this book is here.


October 14 photos, NEW location in November

We look like we're having fun, don't we?! The next meeting will be at a DIFFERENT location than where we've met for the past 6 years. On Monday, November 11 January 13 (weather permitting) we'll meet at Brookfield Square shopping mall, 95 N Moorland Rd, Brookfield, WI 53005 in the food court. Time frame is same as usual, 3pm to 7pm.


Enjoying a Tatting Magazine

 At the September meeting we turned pages and sighed over the beautiful photos of tatting in an Italian magazine. The cover is shown in the next photo. I purchased the magazine from Handy Hands Tatting.
There is a tatted glove pattern in this issue, and we discussed how it could be modified to make fingerless gloves that would still look elegant but require much less fitting and effort to finish.

 Connie showed off her multi-hued bookmarks tatted in hand dyed thread.
 Nancy has started needle tatting a doily using 4 colors of thread; 3 solids and a variegated blend.
I've been adding tatting around beaded centers to make pendants and earrings.


Celebrating with Cupcakes and Tatting

That's me on the left, with Connie. We're enjoying "tie-dye" cupcakes baked by Colette.

After Ana finished her cupcake she admired the design left on the paper liner!

Nancy ready to dig into her cupcake.

Luscious and colorful all the way through!

Lovely gifts from Nancy! A little bird said it was somebody's birthday?

Gorgeous tatted set made by Ana. 

Tatted in Lizbeth "Autumn Spice", these earring are ready for findings. Made by Ana. 

Another pretty motif begun by Ana.

My own experiment with Lizbeth Metallic in Violet.


The Daffodil and the Knot

 At this guild meeting, I brought along a newly acquired book, Ostern - Easter Motives by Christel Weidmann. The beautiful tatted daffodils on the cover intrigued me and I decided to try one of the patterns at the meeting. Oops, I was at a loss as to how to start! Not much progress on that project! Later, I discovered features in the book that made the pattern easy!
  • The small "Narcissus" I was trying to tat was a variation of the larger daffodil pattern, so some of the written instructions depended on techniques explained in more detail in the larger daffodil
  • There's a glossary page with translations to English from the German abbreviations
The pattern is really very well written and a great design!

Narcissus in progress from the book Ostern - Easter Motives

A big knot was found in a ball of thread. Frustrating when that happens!

A needle tatted earring by one of our members, fresh off the needle.

A crocheted edging started in size 3 thread.


Beginner Tatting and Lots of Chatting

 A new tatter, Mary, got her first lesson at our February meeting in the food court at the mall. She claimed, "I'm not crafty at all!" but I think she was catching on very well. She's ambidextrous, so will try both left-handed and right-handed methods to see which way feels more natural to her.
 I brought a small fake "palm tree" centerpiece in an attempt to help us all forget about the cold and icy conditions outside. Fortunately, the approaching snow storm waited until we had gone home!
 Nancy, busy with her needle tatting, brought along a book by Tomoko Morimoto entitled New Tatting (modern lace motifs and projects). We all enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures and clear pattern diagrams in it. The method of finishing thread ends shown in the book sparked a discussion about "to glue, or not to glue".

 I made some progress on a shamrock with a Celtic knot in the center. The method of forming a Celtic knot from a tatted chain is shown within the the book Celtic Tatting Knots and Patterns by Rozella F. Linden. Inspired by studying that book, this shamrock pattern is my own, available from the My Free Patterns page at my Yarnplayer blog.
 Our new beginner practicing flipping her first half stitches. You go, girl!