November meeting notes

 A total of 10 tatting enthusiasts came to this meeting, with some leaving early and others arriving later. A suggestion of name tags for everyone came up and that's a good idea. I'll try and remember to bring them next meeting.

Not only beautiful tatting was seen, but also some bobbin lace in progress, and broomstick lace as well. The broomstick lace project is a sweater design taught as a Craftsy class by Jennifer Hansen.

Sue Anna and her bobbin lace
There was a discussion of the different styles of Celtic tatting: among these are the actual Celtic knots formed of long tatted chains presented in the book "Celtic Tatting Knots and Patterns" by Rozella F. Linden. Another type of Celtic look is achieved by tatting separate motifs, weaving parts of them through each other, then connecting them in place with another row or round of tatting.

 Always something new to learn, and a lot of fun in this group! Next meeting is scheduled for December 9.
Bobbin lace in progress, with bobbins secured for transport

Celtic tatting in progress
Broomstick lace in progress

The center of the "Arches" doily in variegated purple and green