January meeting highlights

 Since many people showed up with tatting projects in progress, there was a lot of tatting to see at this meeting!

Sue Anna finished a pair of vibrant purple and orange earrings in the "Princess" pattern from the new book, "Marilee's Beaded Tatting Finery". She had some "Boomerang" earrings from that book in progress, too.

Gloria brought her own tatted jewelry design experiments made with a shiny silvery gray thread and beads. Not sure what type of thread it is, but it appears to be either nylon or rayon and looks elegant with the beads.

 The new tatter getting her first lesson at this meeting, was surprised with a gift from the ever-generous Sue Anna. It's the "Learn to Tat" book by Janette Baker complete with video DVD.
 Barbara had a colorful beaded medallion in progress. The safety pins are holding beads temporarily in place, until the next round when they'll be replaced by joins in the tatting.
 Ana finished her "Stained Glass" tatted pendant up to the stage of sewing in the ends. Steaming to block finished tatting was discussed.
 Julia was unwinding a skein of hand dyed thread. A few tangles, but it all sorted out, ready for a colorful new project. A question came up about starting with a chain, then a demo showing the technique of self-closing mock ring and climbing out of a ring with a lock stitch followed.
Jackie finished tatting a lovely beaded pendant. The color was a much richer deep red than the photo can show.
A passerby got so interested in the pretty tatting and fun that was happening, she asked to be added to the email list for meeting reminders. Looking forward to next month!

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Barbara Gordon said...

Such a fun group, and a great way to meet other tatters. Both beginners, and somewhat more advanced people come.
Some of them also do other things that I am also interested in.
I just love this group...!!!