August 11 meeting notes

 Tatting lessons in the double stitch, rings, chains, picots, and joins were eagerly watched and practiced by Heather, the newest tatter in the group at this meeting. She caught on fast - I think she'll have a tatting project to show next time! Her current crafting project is a pair of socks, and the one in progress is shown at left.

We also were honored with a visit from Khomi's mother. She was beautifully dressed in a traditional sari, which we all admired. Khomi tried her hand at tatting flower blossoms in the style of Siepmann's book "Tatting Artistry In Thread". She also brought gifts of Anchor thread for each of us from India,  a real treat because we can't buy Anchor thread here in the U.S.A.

Ana hasn't had much time for tatting lately, but we all "oohed and ahhed" at her beautiful beaded peyote stitch necklace.

Lots of fun talking and tatting!