October meeting notes

There were 7 of us at this get-together. Sue Anna delighted us with stories of her adventures at Tat Days, and brought projects from classes taken there: pearl tatted self-closing mock rings, beaded tatting, Jane Eborall's Pig motif, and more.

Khomi brought a beautiful bookmark with tiny tatted flowers to show that was made by her mother's friend in India, who sells them as a fundraiser for a charity called "Baba Amte's Anandwan and Creative Employment for Housewives and Students".

One of the girls, a beginner who was having some trouble with her needle tatting, asked to try the shuttle. She got the flip in just a few minutes of practice! So, I hope next month she'll have some tatting to show.

There were a lot of tatting pattern books to look through and admire. The photo below shows just a few. I think we were all in agreement, though, that the large, 3-D tatted "mosquito" shown on the cover of "Tatting GR-8 Baubles, Bugs, and Blossoms" by the Shuttle Brothers, was one project definitely not on any of our to-do lists - lol :) We've all been bitten too many times :)

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linb54 said...

Sue Anna puts me to shame. the only thing I finished were the bead blossom earrings in Karey's class. beautiful tatting! Linda B.