Handmade shuttles, cluny looms

 So much creativity in this group! Heather showed her beaded Christmas decorations. Barbara displayed some lovely handmade wooden shuttles from her collection, and then began tatting a maple leaf pattern by Tammy M. Rodgers.
 Sue Anna provided each of us with a plastic canvas "star" and showed us how to make it into a cluny loom. For the instructions at Georgia Seitz's Online Tatting Class: click here.
Sue Anna also showed her new loom for weaving dishcloths with selvages on all 4 sides. Without her demo, I would never have been able to understand how it could be done!
 .Ana brought her tatting supplies to the meeting in a beautiful new container. She worked on tatted earrings, and was wearing a beaded necklace that she had made featuring a lizard design; I think she said it was a gecko.

Our activity attracted the attention of a passerby who stopped to ask many questions and admire the work in progress.

Oh, and yes, we had Snickers bars and Barbara brought Brownie Brittle. Good times!

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God's Kid said...

Looks like an awesome time!!! :) And fabulous tatting too!!! :)