They found us

Funny how tatting in public seems to attract attention! I hadn't been at the food court long, and Ana and I were just getting out tatting supplies, when I was approached by a mall security guard who asked, "Is this the tatting group?" I have to admit that I had a momentary flashback to my first encounter with "tatting police" ☺at Tollway Tatters in 2014 :)

The friendly security guard was helping 2 people who had asked where the tatting group was! So, they found us :)

I got them started right away with colorful thread, shuttles, a simple demo of how the double stitch works, and they started practicing. Khomi joined us for a while, too, so there were 5 of us tatting at this meeting!

Each of the new tatters did very well in their first attempts. One progressed to the point where she had successfully "flipped" several stitches in her first practice chain. The other got as far as tatting a ring! Both seemed happy that they had found a tatting group, and plan to come again.

Then, Khomi, Ana, and I started studying the flower motifs shown in the book, "Tatting - Artistry in Thread" by Helma Siepmann. We practiced Josephine rings and encapsulation techniques. Perhaps next month we'll have some finished flowers!

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