A fine day in May

 Tatting in progress on this day included small flowers made of "Josephine Rings" and stems using the technique of encapsulation. Khomi and Ana were both interested in exploring these ideas for creative, random tatting.

I also worked on simple earrings using Lizbeth thread in the color "Seascape". Personally, I think this color combination is really ugly - but it might work for these earrings. That orange shade seems to be trying really hard to be sand or sailboats :)


HerminiaRegolf said...

You make art, I like all his work, it is beautiful.
Best regards.

Needlewoman said...

Are you interested in being part of the Milwaukee Maker Faire? It will be held on September 24 - 25, 2016 at the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds along with Harvest Fest. In addition to the Maker options on the website (https://makerfairemilwaukee.com/makers/), I am going to reserve a space that can be shared by several fiber arts groups during the weekend. If you are interested please let me know, it is a great opportunity to share your passion with a lot of people.