Tatting on a hot August night

 At this meeting we had a tatting beginner, who actually had once learned to tat from her grandmother many years ago, but had forgotten. She made remarks about being "all thumbs", but that is how we all feel when learning a new skill, isn't it? By the end of the meeting she was tatting quite well. She had come with her sister, and I gave them both "homework" of a simple snowflake pattern to practice.
 Ana tatted an embellishment to a butterfly filigree, and plans to finish it as an earring or pendant.

We had a "door prize" of a rare find, an Italian tatting magazine! (This magazine can also be purchased from Handy Hands Tatting.) 

I forgot to do the prize drawing until Khomi had left, but I put her name in the bag along with the other attendees, and Khomi won! So, the magazine will be ready for her at the next meeting, which will be September 12. At that meeting I'll share photos from my trip to Palmetto Tat Days.

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