Colorful October Fun

A total of 5 tatters got together at this meeting. Sue Anna and I just happened to be wearing earrings tatted from the same pattern! A close up view of her earrings is at left. She made them using the Amoeba Triangle pattern (one of my designs)!

The wooden shuttles were handmade by the Shuttle Brothers.

The 2 newest tatters in our little group, Jill and Mandy, are making amazing progress in practicing double stitches, picots, and joins.

Ana finished her tatting-embellished filigree earrings up to sewing the tails in,

Chocolate pumpkins kept energy levels high. I brought a pair of earrings that I made from an Elizabeth Zipay pattern to offer as a door prize. The winning name drawn from the bag was Sue Anna.

A rare book: A Pattern Book of Tatting written by Mary Konior, was admired by all!  Thanks to Sue Anna for bringing this along so that we could be inspired by the uniquely beautiful designs in it.

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Barbara Gordon said...

Such nice pictures. I'm hoping to be attending next time. I need a push to get me going again. Laid up to long..., and miss all the nice people up there!