Avoiding a gap

At this meeting, the tatting topic discussed was avoiding a gap between a chain and a ring. Here's how to avoid that dreaded gap:

When a chain is finished, slide the double stitches close together, nice and snug. 

Then, start the ring. After you flip the first half stitch of the ring, snug it tightly against the previous tatted chain. Pinch it between your fingers to hold it in place while tatting the 2nd half of the double stitch. Once the first double stitch is completed, that's where the ring will stay! 

So, if you don't see a gap, you're good to go ahead and finish tatting that ring. If you do see a gap, take out that first double stitch and try again.


While tatting in the food court

 We had fun tatting together, but learned a valuable lesson about tatting in any public place.
Be sure to keep your valuables safe. 
Don't leave your purse at the edge of the table or hanging over the back of a chair where thieves can easily steal from them. This happened to someone in our group while we were all concentrating on our tatting. Sad! But, the meetings will go on, and I will remind everyone who comes to keep watch over their things!


New fun and vintage treasures

 Big turnout of eager new tatters at the October meeting! A collector of vintage tatting brought along some beautiful pieces to show. Such exquisite handiwork!

 The new arrivals each received a ball of thread, tatting shuttle, and free lessons!
 Admiring the beautiful tatted pieces from the vintage collection.
This lovely lady is an amazing artist! The fabric of her bag is from a painting she did! Take a look at her website www.patriceprocopio.com 


Tatting and chatting

 Six of us got together at the food court to tat. Lots of talking, but we did get some tatting done, too!
Khomi finished a lovely flower spray.

Some of us will be going to the Tollway Tatters gathering on Saturday, August 19, at the Hinsdale Oasis. Good times!


Tatting with friends

 Each 2nd Monday of the month I go to the mall food court with my tatting. Usually I start out tatting alone, but in a short while my tatting friends show up!
 Ana has been learning many new techniques. Now she's practicing floating rings from chains. It's her first time using 2 shuttles, and she's doing great!
 This French tatting book has many wonderful ideas and excellent photos.
 The reprint of Dora Young's Knotless Tatting. Lots of uses for split chain technique.
Khomi's tatting box; isn't it colorful?


A lovely day in June

 At the June meeting, we all worked on our own projects.
 Ana practiced the single shuttle split ring.
 Barbara continued tatting a pattern she had started with a sunny yellow center.
 Sue Anna worked on the gear earrings from the Bead&Button Show.

 Looking forward to seeing what people will be tatting at the July meeting! 2nd Monday of the month, Mayfair Mall food court.


Projects in February

The start of "Unfolding Heart"
 It was Ana and me by ourselves this month, each tatting jewelry projects. I started a heart in bright red Lizbeth thread and Toho Takumi seed beads.
As far as I got with my tatting at the mall.

Ana came wearing a beautiful handmade bracelet on one hand and a bandage on the other! She wasn't able to bend that finger much, but since it was her shuttle hand she could still tat.

As far as Ana got with her project, a necklace in progress.

Khomi arrived just in time to claim her tatting magazine and to visit!