Beginner's first tatted ring

 A new tatter named Jean showed up saying that she had been trying to get "the flip" but couldn't figure out how to do it. Well, after being shown a demonstration, she successfully flipped a stitch in about 30 seconds! After that, she kept on tatting! She practiced chains for a while, then went on to close her first ring, then another, and by the end of the evening understood picots, counting, and had joined 2 rings. That is phenomenally quick progress!

 In the meantime, Nancy was tatting a necklace to match this bracelet that she had already finished. Pattern is from the book Tatting With Beads Jewelry.

 Ana worked on a delicate motif in size 40 Lizbeth thread in the color "Herbal Garden". I'm sorry I don't recall where she said the pattern was from.
I tatted another pink square for the Tat A Monument In Pink project. (Click the link to find more details about this worldwide project.) 

I tried using a new Clover bobbin shuttle, and was pleasantly surprised that the bobbin stayed firmly in it's place in the shuttle, in spite of the tight, quick jerks I tend to use when tatting. I'm normally not a fan of bobbin shuttles, but I like this one!

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