It goes under...no wait, over

Ana, Becky, and Nancy wanted to see how I did the Celtic tatting on my new necklace design. I started to show them...and then realized that I didn't know exactly what I was doing, myself! But, this was a good learning experience for, well - at least for me. :-) 

Eventually, I hope to get it all written down, step by step, with in-progress photos. I need those to figure out my own patterns; always have!

 It was fun tatting and chatting together!
 Nancy was working with a black and white Lizbeth thread that looked like the contrast in colors could be confusing, but I bet the results will be stunning! The pattern was from Tatting With Beads Jewelry. Ana was tatting earrings from the same pattern book that Nancy had. Becky was working on a tatted necklace pattern from my Craftsy class (affiliate link).

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