Shuttle and Needle

Becky's necklace in progress (pattern from the Craftsy Shuttle Tatting course; affiliate link) 

Nancy's necklace in progress; needle tatting
Shuttle and needle tatters are both welcome at Greater Milwaukee Tatting Guild meetings! The gift bags to newcomers contain thread and a shuttle, however, since that's the technique I teach.

Khomi arrived later and wanted an easy motif to tat. I gave her a copy of my Tatted Star Motif (instant download).

I forgot to take a picture of  Ana's project. She color coordinated the thread and bead colors perfectly!

Next month, April 9th, I won't be at the meeting (I'll still be traveling back from the Finger Lakes Tatting Conference) but Ana, Nancy, and Becky will be there!

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jilmar pelaez said...

Xf.traducción para poder hacer algo o entender jajaja mil gracias.